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Most important aspects to consider for a rental free of surprises.

• Petrol Policy: FULL TO FULL. If you return the car with a full tank of petrol, the deposit will be refunded. We make no business with the fuel.
• Essential payment by credit card at the time of delivery of the car (if not, a deposit of 1,000 euros will be requested)
• There are no cancellation fees.
• The category is guaranteed but not make, brand or model 

OUT OF HOURS: For pick-ups and drop-offs between 22:00 – 08:00 (flight number required) there is an extra “out of hours” fee of 30 euros. In the case your flight lands from 22:00 this service will be charged.
INSURANCE COVERAGE: Even though we will not ask you to pay excess, please keep in mind there are (exceptions) which are not included and you will be charged for this posible damages. OPTIONAL: HIPER PLUS INSURANCE: Covers all cases except negligence or serious or very serious infringement.



List of exceptions:

  • • Lost, theft, damage of keys, vest, warning triangle.
  • • Damage caused to the underside or roof of the vehicle
  • • Damage caused to axle or wheel rim
  • • Towing service costs if at fault
  • • Damage caused to radio/CD player
  • • Filling up with the wrong type of fuel
  • • Damage caused to windscreen or window
  • • Damage caused to locks
  • • Damage caused to upholstery or extreme dirtiness
  • • Damage to tyres or punctures
  • • Theft or loss of any car parts
  • • Wrong use of the clutch
  • • Damage caused by reckless/negligent driving or serious or very serious infringement
  • • Damage caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • • Failure to comply with contract conditions (e.g. not stated in the accident report that is supplied with our rental agreement). 

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